Connecting Spaces and Art, for crowd-sourced urban revitalization.



New York

Want ArtHERE for your city or event, or have a question for the ArtHERE Team? Say hello.


Here’s how property owners, event curators and artists connect through ArtHERE to bring art to urban spaces:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Log in.
  3. Navigate to your desired region (located above).
  4. Submit an art proposal or space.
    ART: Submit an open art proposal for property owners and event curators to consider, OR browse for a space you would like to submit your proposal to, and create a match for that space.
    SPACES: Upload your space for artists and event curators to see, or browse for an art proposal  you would like to submit your space for and create a match for that proposal.
  5. Like ♥ a match by clicking on the heart icon between a space and an art proposal. The more likes a match gets, the higher it shows up on the property owner’s space page, allowing them to be influenced by the communities voting results.
  6. Make a match by clicking on the match icon of a space or art proposal, and pair it with an art proposal or space of your choice.


ArtHERE is an open-source project for crowd-sourced urban revitalization. Help bring ArtHERE to cities across the country by donating.


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